The purpose of this document is to enable you to become familiar with Farelogix SPRK features and benefits. 

SPRK is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) travel-selling platform that enables you to take your supplier relationships and customer service offerings to a new level.  With SPRK, you have access to expanded content sources, including direct connect and flight merchandising, delivered in an intuitive, flexible environment that requires little or no retraining to get started. 

SPRK works best when it is enabled by a supported Internet browser.  Using older versions or unsupported browsers may result in distorted graphic displays, slow response times, and in some cases incorrect results.  Supported Internet browsers include:

Microsoft Internet Explorer IE7.0 or greater
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or greater
Apple Safari  
Google Chrome  




Reference Guide


• Introduction
• Login
• Getting Started
• Passenger Name Record
• Creating a Trip
• PCC Bridging
• Ticketing
• Service Fees
• Ticketless Carrier
• Retrieving a Reservation
• Fare Search, Air...
• Pricing, Fare Rules...
• Airline Merchandising
• Queue Management
• Email Confirmation
• Flight Check In
• Schedule Change
• Non-Air Products
• Profiles
• Glossary of Terms